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From geothermal and wind and most of all from a source they have in abundance in the desert the Sun this field of solar panels makes more than enough electricity to run master and the excess power is sent to the Abu Dhabi grid but silicon panels are expensive and the price of solar power needs to drop if.

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It’s going to be competitive from Africa to Asia to Arizona in the future Masdar hopes to get energy from this prototype called the solar beam down using highly reflective mirrors the solar beam down may generate power more cheaply and ecologically than silicon panels the mirrors bounce the sun’s rays up to the tower and then down to a point reaching a temperature of degrees steam can be generated to run turbines to make electricity there’s just one problem neither of these solar technologies.

Work at night so Masdar needs to draw power from the grid when the Sun Goes Down and that power comes from natural gas the reality is it’s just not yet possible to power Masdar entirely without fossil fuels the great challenge with Masdar will be how do you make it a place that will not be just this ideal city that no other place could actually aspire to because it doesn’t seem real what Masdar has to be is a laboratory.

That develops things that then can be applied in existing cities all around the world because that’s where it will pay off there’s no payoff if it’s just about itself the payoff is how can everything it’s trying to do matter in the rest of the world right now.

There’s only a store two restaurants a bank and a few hundred students living here it’s too early to tell if Masdar will work as a city when it’s finished but much has been achieved they are carbon neutral and largely powered by renewable energies solutions here won’t work everywhere though many cities are in cold climates and cooling is not their energy problem.

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